Bethel Pulpit is the name given to a series of sermons, preached by Mr. B. A. Ramsbottom at Bethel Chapel Luton. In 1985 several of our congregation were concerned about the possibility of distributing printed sermons of our Pastor to others who might welcome them, especially those who lived remote from any place of worship. In August 1985 the first sermon was issued. Since then, a sermon has been published every month and is sent freely to any who express an interest in them, so that as of June 2020, 418 different sermons have been issued. We have been amazed at the different places throughout the world where they are lovingly welcomed, and humbled at the use which the Lord has been pleased to make of them, and this encourages us to continue. Mr. Ramsbottom always preaches extempore and the sermons are taken down in shorthand before being transcribed, and then corrected by our Pastor. At present the circulation list stands at around 500 copies/month. The sermons are all produced and posted by a small group of volunteers.

   More recently, we have distributed a prayer meeting address every other month for those occasions when a shorter scriptural exposition might be more appropriate. If you would like to receive the sermons, or you have any questions about them, you can email your message using the form here. Please include your full name and address in the message if you would like the sermons sent to you.

   We have now put most of the sermons and prayer meeting addresses on this web site for download — click on the links below.  A complete list of sermons and prayer meeting addresses available, can be downloaded here.  This list is ordered by the scripture text on which the sermon/address is based.  

Prayer Meeting Addresses


 Live Streamed Services

  As of March 2020, we have added the facility to listen live to services as a result of the serious limitations imposed by the Covid-19 virus pandemic.  The live player below is only active during a service.

   Broadcasting will normally be switched on a few minutes before the start of a service.  When the player detects that broadcasting is live, the display will change to show this and it will either auto-start, or the circle with dots in on the right will change to an image of a right-pointing arrow, and the message will appear ‘Click to Play’ (on PCs) or ‘Touch to Play’ (on mobile devices).  Just click/touch on the image of the arrow to start the player.  Once the player is running, the image will then change to a pulsating bar-graph.  When broadcasting, you can mute the broadcast by clicking/touching on the small pulsating bar-graph at the left side of the green bar, or stop the player completely by clicking/touching on the bigger pulsating bar-graph on the right.  In the green bar is also a slider control to change the output volume.

   If you click/touch on other places in the player you may be switched over to the chapel’s dedicated page on the web site.  You can play from here, but we do not recommend it.  You do not need to sign up to the web site, or to login, simply to listen to services.

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